Pspringme2015-4aragraphs Americana  is a periodic blog written by Wanda E. Fleming.

Through a personal lens, I focus on current issues, from health and science to parenting and politics to sports and race. I might quote the Pope, dissect a media story or share the anguishing details of a loved one’s hospital death. I love to read, to write and to think, and I use the “F” word flagrantly when faced with sorrow or pain. My chocolate chip muffins make eaters moan and close their eyes. I hold degrees from Bowdoin College and Harvard University but count a flourishing soap-making business, 24 years of marriage and the rearing of two college-aged children as relentlessly more educational.

In Paragraphs Americana, I embrace the whole of these parts. I strive to be thoughtful and deliberately bypass the shallow. A notoriously poor swimmer, I still favor the deep end. ~


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