DC Walks


It stormed violently. Then after knocking power out in nearby places, the rain abruptly stopped. I ran out to the upstairs back porch  and captured this shot. The sky was on fire. Storm View From the Porch  by Wanda E. Fleming , Washington DC, June 2015

I am a second generation Washingtonian. Although I have lived in three other cities and traveled overseas, whenever I fly into DC, the same thing occurs. I look up from my book or magazine and my heart skips. DC still strikes me as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Even within the seemingly barren, there is always majesty, something growing and green.

On the ground, I am a walker. When my Dad, a man who grew up on a Virginia farm was dying, I asked him in his final weeks if he was in pain. He responded, “No, I’m not in pain, I just can’t walk anymore and that’s all I want to do.”

The morning after his death, as the sun rose, I began to go out  and simply walk.  This often daily outing is for my heart, the inside and the out.


When the children were very young, summertime meant long meandering walks through our neighborhood and beyond. Often we would play made up games–Spy Training which entailed alley crawls and cemetery hikes in search of anything fun and unusual. These days , summer walks may mean after dinner when the sun is setting in shifting hues and mood. This was shot on a walk with my daughter Lily. Now home from college, she and I still love to walk, usually for miles.  Day’s End, Spring Valley by Wanda E. Fleming, July 2015

bird's nest

Bird’s Nest with Empty Egg by Wanda E. Fleming, Autumn 2014. I spotted this nest shortly after my daughter had left home for her first year of college. I saw its emptiness but viewed the remaining intact beauty as a sign that she had flown away. She was far away but would survive with new sturdy wings. Though tempted, I left the nest untouched, and continued down the road alone.

Vined Archway

Archway with Vines by  Wanda E. Fleming, September 2014.        The beautiful vine tangled archway led us to consider the retirement home for Dad. Oddly, the wood benches and  gardens always seemed empty. The walls inside were dull beige and worn. The food at the meal of our introductory meeting was warmly served but tasted bland. It screamed , “I’m from a can and heart healthy!” My sister and I tried to cheer ourselves up, musing, “He could go to the movies at least and the grocery story is right there.” But we knew he would not be mobile much longer, so we left and continued to search for a place with windows that stretched to the sky.


Holy Thursday Night from the Upstairs Window by Wanda E. Fleming, 2014

Hydrangea Wanda E. Fleming

Hydrangea, Friendship Village, Maryland. Each day, I have gone to peer at the changes, and each day I have been surprised.

This hydragenea bush is located a block from Wisconsin Avenue. Each day I have walkef by it, and each day the floral has become richer blue. Now it is cobalt and white with dew.  Shot by Wanda Fleming, June 2015.

This hydrangea bush is located a block from Wisconsin Avenue. Each day I have walked by it, and each day this particular blossom has become richer blue. Now it is cobalt and wet with dew. Shot by Wanda Fleming, June 2015.


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